Which bulbs vole candy? Mourning loss of 20 lilies! Dahlias OK?

susana_mc(8a Jackson MS)May 24, 2010

I have a back yard of about an acre and a half with 528' (1/10 mile) of frontage with a gorgeous hardwood forest. Unfortunately with the lovely view I also have moles and voles galore, despite the snake's and the cats efforts (cats leave vole/mole/mouse guts on the porch, but always get more to replace them).

I put out about 20 oriental, orienpet and trumpet lilies close to the house in the backyard, hoping the $@&^%^^& voles wouldn't travel the extra 100' to get them, or would be repelled by the daffodils I planted around them. I put about half of the bulbs in hardware cloth cages. They got all but 1 anyway, where the dozen I planted in the vole-free front yard did beautifully. That hurt! I read on another site that the regular hardware cloth is too big for the eastern voles; you should use fine-mesh hardware cloth....

I was hoping to replace them with dahlias, or torch lily.

Any suggestions? What bulbs are vole-candy besides:

Oriental/trumpet lilies;


grape hyacinth (lost about 50)


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Voles will definitely eat dahlias.

It is kind of a problem, because things even sold as "rodent proof" in the trade can be attacked if the vole is hungry enough, or if it just wants to dig through the area, it may not eat it, but just shred it up for nesting material.

I found out the hard way when over 100 Allium 'Globemasters' didn't come up this spring. When I dug in there, the area was completely undermined with vole tunnels. Alliums are routinely advertised as being immune from rodent attack, unlike, say, tulips.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Daffodils are supposed to be too poisonous to be eaten. Here we do have a problem with slugs spoiling the flowers, if baiting is not kept up at the right time.

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