Lime sulfer

paul3636(6a Ma.)November 17, 2007

When looking at pictures of bonsai with deadwood that has been treated with limesulfer it is a real nice grey white color.

When I treat deadwood on my bonsai with limesulfer it turns yellow and doesn't change much over time.

Do Bonsai artist add something to lime sulfer to get this color?

Is there a special lime sulfer for bonsai?

If there is what do I ask for and where do I get it?


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bonsaibean(7 - TN)

I know you need to dilute the lime-sulfur with water, but I don't remember the ratio. I'm hoping someone will jump in with that info. Usually the complaint you hear with freshly treated areas is that they are too white, not yellow. Some folks add something to tone it down a bit to get the gray. If you're not in a hurry though, they will age and mellow to the gray in less than a season.

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paul3636(6a Ma.)

I don't know if the brand of lime sulfer makes a difference but I used bonide.
I hope your right about the seasons but one and a half seasons have gone by so i'll have to wait until the spring to see if your right.
In the mean time I hope others jump in.
And thanks

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I think in one of the books I was reading recently, it said to keep trees out of the sun while the lime sulfur was drying to keep it from yellowing. This is just off the top of my head, though, so I may remember wrong.

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paul3636(6a Ma.)

Thanks for the dilution tip. If any one knows the ratio for dilution or what is added to obtain the gray-white (driftwood color) please jump in.
Thanks for the sun tip, I will try to find out if it is true. If any one does know please share your knowledge.
By sharing what we know everyone benifits.

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