Deadheading species tulip

true_blue (MTL CAN Z4)(Mtl Can Zone 4b)May 17, 2013


I wonder do you deadhead your species tulip or let them go to seed?
My initial goal was to let them naturalize either by seed or by bulb offsets.
However, my experience has been mixed.
Last year, I let my urumiensis go to seed and they came back as strong as before.
However, my Lilac Wonders leaved only. Out of 10 only 1 flowered.
This year, I have some tardas and they are now seeding.

I'd appreciate of hearing about different experiences.



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Campanula UK Z8

sprengeri was unaffected by leaving for seeds, as are the lady tulips and batalini. I think that the foliage is essential to build up the bulbs for next year so as long as the plants are able to die back unimpeded by other shading plants or competing weeds, all really should be well - no-one is dead-heading in the wild after all. You could consider adding a weak liquid feed after flowering

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true_blue (MTL CAN Z4)(Mtl Can Zone 4b)

Thanks Campanula, I like common sense answers. It makes total sense :)

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