Jojo and others: What do you do with extremes in temps?

meyermike_1micha(5)February 1, 2011

Jojo: Did my eyes decieve me or did I really see what I saw?

Is it suppose to go down into the teens or lowers tonight there? I saw 0 on the weather map for your area.

Please, tell us that is not true.

If so, you can forget me going there for a

What do you do with plants that are in big containers in your area when they are so use to the warmth, then to that?

One day it can be 80 there, then frigid the next, no?

How do your plants deal with that? How much work does it take to protect your babies?

What you up too? lol

I think at least your fig tree would love the

I have always wondered what many do when their weather takes a sudden trun for the frigid in area's where your plants are use to balmy conditions.

What do you do to protect your plants through a few days of frigid temps, especially the ones difficult to carry in?

By the way Jojo. Love them birds!

And oh ya, just as soon as the weather warms, watch your mail.:-)


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

HI Mike!
Now why did you have to go and pick on me? I have a headache today. lol...

Well, I don't know where you saw 0*, but if it does i'm moving! ;-)

The forecast i'm seeing at says more like low of 30* tonight and not warm at all tomorrow and down to 24*. Yes, a bit of a cold snap. Second one this year. We hardly ever see teen's. Once every few years.

It does flip flop here. Look at the link i've given. 2 days of COLD, then we climb back into the 80's.
Plants get confused, grow and slow back down. :-) But they get on track come true spring and do just fine.

A lot of people wrap containers in blankets. None of mine are in big ones yet, so I don't have to worry about it till next season.

I have only 2 plants in the ground I protect with boxes or blankets. The rest mostly annuals that are on their own. ;-)

Right now, still in 5gal. so I just move them up on the patio against the house.

Succulents too. And I put them under clear plastic.

""What have you been up to?""
Well... Painting, remodeling plant/craft room and bird room!
Shopping for both pants and birds too! lol!

Thanks for the kind words about our newest family members. They are doing good and very happy! And I am too with hearing their little voices. ;-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Tucson Weather report.

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As you know, I'm already in an area where snow and ice and frigid temperatures are a given. Anything in containers I want to save must be brought indoors... the dormant and deciduous items get grouped inside an unheated garage, and anything tender comes inside the house. Anything in the ground gets a few inches of mulch, and whatever snow cover protection nature offers. That's it. I don't do anything special for any plant, really.

I honestly don't know how people in warm climates deal with that... having lovely tropical plantings, and then losing some to unexpected or unusual drops in temperature. That would be such a disappointment. Then again, I guess it's really no different than me planting a perennial I really want to grow, only to have it die over winter... so... I guess we all take our chances to have the beauty we want.

Here's hoping everybody feels better today... and isn't buried under drifts of snow taller than they are! :-)

Stay warm!

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Om my God Jojo!!!!

Look at the picture someone posted in Tuscon!
Ice fron their fountain?

You poor thing! Look at all that work you do to take care of your babies. I am so thrilled to see that and actually quite impressed.
Look like you have it all to a science. I think you need too since something is bound to bet neglected if you stop for just one

I have seen your crafts, birds, kids, plants, dogs, and yes the gritty mix, and I must say..HATS OFF TO YOU!!!

What would all those people and things do without you, just exactly what I sais to Jodi the other day.
I swear that if you too were to switch places for a day, you might be able to do each others work loads with no You guys certainly amaze me!

If I ever found my slef a gal like that, one that doesn't mind getting their fingers dirty, hard work, and loves all the laife has to offer, except the cold though, I would be so lucky.
I hope the hubbies see all thses wonderful qualities in you! They are so lucky! I must say, so is my dad, very lucky!!!

By the way..Mom just loves you all. It means a lot to her when you ask for her and send hugs. She is going through so much and it certainly tickles pink. Thank you!

She has ask3d me if you both could post a couple of newer pics of your dogs to warm her up. She loves them. And I, I would love to see more pics of the birds if at all possible.

Jodi. I honestly haven't got a clue how you do it either!!!
You must be running on caffiend or adrenlinine! How in the world to go go through all that snow and carry all that water to your barn? That much water might I add? They should make a NG documentary about you since the Africans do that kind of thing, and that is in the nice weather!lol

The drifts here are just stupid! I have been so sick, and I still have to get out there and shovel at 5am in the morning so mom can get her errands done taking foster grandchildren and daughter to work and schools.
If it weren't for her, no one would.
Those kids have no one. No relatives. Their relatives are all on drugs, in jail, or the father is married to 2 other women to those kids, that my foster sister just found out. He provideds nothing and has no interest in them at all.
Thank God for my mother. She also drives 30 miles each way twice a week to take her uncle to the hospital, even in bad weather. She needs a break.

The drift are high and the pop up almost buried but still
My mother has been going out every two hours or so to take teh heavy snow off the top for me so it doesn't collasped.
I buy her a coffee everyday for this and take her out to eat. The temps in there average i the 60's now, even when outside temps are in the teens.
I think the soring equinox is finally here. The sun is feeling a lot stronger and warmer now..Yahoo!

Al says my Figs are going to make it. The pots froze in my shed for a day or two and they were completly dormant. Please keep your fingers crossed for me since I just spent 100 dollars for the best shaped ones I could find.;-0)

I am proud to know the women I know here and at home, since they are tough and strong


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Oops! Here is the link for that ice in Tuscon!

It's at the bottom..


Here is a link that might be useful: Ice in Tuscon

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Well, Mike... it's not always pleasant, but it has to be done. The horses, goats, barn cats and fowl need to eat, need to drink, and need clean, dry bedding on a consistent basis... you don't really think about it; you just do it. I also take care of a kennel full of dogs. I love animals... always have, always will. I couldn't sleep knowing that someone didn't have a dry bed, or enough food, or fresh water.

When the weather is sunny, all the larger animals go outside for exercise. There's plenty of pasture space. They have huge, round hay bales to pick at... and we make sure the water troughs are ice-free and full of fresh water. In summer, they spend a lot of time outside. They have shade, a windbreak... it's a nice setup, really.

It will be nice when the weather breaks and the pipes thaw out. We can get the underground leak fixed, and we won't have to haul water. In the meantime, we fill up a whole bunch of 5 gallon buckets and haul them with a little help from a bucket tractor. I have hand carried them before, but it about kills me.

I do run on caffeine, though! I'm a total coffeeholic. We have a restaurant sized Bunn coffee maker. We keep a pot or two on all the time. I also run with a little help from my chiropractor, and from Old Guy, who does deep tissue massage.

I hope your figs make it. If Al says they'll be ok, I think they'll be ok.

You know, us northerners are used to winter and the quirks of Mother Nature. Up here, winter is cold and snowy. We have to expect it, and we have to expect that sometimes, the cold will affect things. We've had it easy for the past several years... I recall winters with way more snow, way more cold, way more ice...

JoJo's the one who isn't used to this! I'm thinking it rarely freezes in Arizona! At least, not in her neck of the woods!

I hope you guys and gals are faring well... and I hope all the plants make it!

Mike, be sure to give my love to your Mom... what a great woman! I'll try to get the camera outside for some winter photos... if the temperatures aren't too low... tomorrow. She might enjoy seeing the horses and goats frolicking in the snow!

Stay warm, you guys!

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