bonsai dormancy

ryanbonsaiNovember 28, 2009

Hi I have a japanese juniper bonsai.

It is winter and my bonsai needs dormant period

but i dont know if i can place him outside during the winter because the temp here is pretty cold

im in Canada vancouver and the coldest temp during the winter is ....-5 C , -10 C i think

now its around 5C - 7C so i placed him outside..

but im worried about the freezing temp later...

some books say not to worry about freezing temp because junier bonsai CAN survive..

but some say if it is freezing temp. place it in cold indoor place


what should i do...

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My bonsai friends in Montana dig a hole about 6-8 inches deep large enough for the pot and set the pot in it and cover it with sawdust or straw basicaly filling in the hole. They leave the top of the tree exposed. Junipers will take this just fine. The main thing is to protect the roots from freezing. The roots can go down to -5 C without much risk. This tree should not be in the house ever for more than a few days. Junipers are out door plants an will die from lack of light and the dry environment inside of a house. Good luck, Jack

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