Do you deadhead your daffs?

bamboogrrrl(z5 NY)May 11, 2006

After five years of living in our home, and planting lots of daffs...I wonder if I should attempt to deadhead them this year. I always have in the past. I think my mother taught me to do that. Now there are probably a thousand daffs running through our yard and woods, and truth be told, it seems like too much work to snap off every spent bloom. I wonder if Vita Sackville West broke off every potential daff seedhead...

What are YOUR daff practices? What would Vita do?

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blueheron(z6 PA)

Yes, I deadhead my daffs because I don't want them to go to seed. It weakens them. At least that's what I was told. Vita probably had her gardeners do it! :o)

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sometimes I do and sometimes I don't--I think they are supposed to produce a larger bloom if you don't let them seed, but since they are sold as a bulb for naturalizing, doesn't it make since to let them seed? After all mother nature doesn't go on deadheading jaunts. Maybe the fancier hybrids need it more.

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leslie197(z5 MI)

I deadhead the ones close to the house & patio. I don't deadhead the ones in the back corners of the yard. I do deadhead the ones around the edge of the path through the back yard. I don't deadhead the ones that I can't reach from the path.

Aside from the obvious reasons - being lazy, too many daffodils, & distance - I really don't like mashing down my soil in damp spring time just to deadhead something, or so I say to myself.

I also tend to deadhead the larger ones and skip the miniature ones, since the smaller ones heads are so much less visible. However, on a nice spring day I have been known to sit on my patio and pick off 50+ little tiny heads off the ones right at the edge. :~)

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Every daffodil flower does not produce a seed pod....many times they are not fertile.
I am careful to snip the ones that are "fat" and many others besides....but lots and lots of daffys do not produce seeds. Those I don't worry about.
Linda C

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We have a few daffs that grow next to the driveway (they were there before we moved in). They look rather awkward where they are in comparison to the rest of the yard. I keep meaning to transplant them to the lily garden, but just haven't gotten around to it yet.

My sweetie can't stand all of the weed-eating he has to do around my flower beds and constantly complains. Whenever he feels most resentful, he takes his revenge out on these daffodils and mows over them. I allow him to gloat in his bravado because it keeps him away from the rest of my flowers!

Much to his chagrin, they always come right back in full force, it seems, in just a few weeks (their way of sticking their tongue out at him)! Tee! Hee!

Come to think of it...maybe I won't transplant them! They are my saving grace by keeping my SO occupied and away from my other beauties!


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bamboogrrrl(z5 NY)

Thank you so much for your input! I guess I have to channel my inner Vita and do some deadheading... Maybe I'll experiment and leave some of the older varieties alone to see if they seed themselves.

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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

I suppose I might have thousands of daffodils by now, considering I've put in at least 100 every year for the past 10 years. And yes, I do deadhead the daffodils and the hybrid tulips and the hyacinths and the lilies and the alliums.

I do the daffodils because then they don't put any energy into seed production. Same with the hybrid tulips, hyacinths and lilies. I deadhead the alliums, at least the 'Purple Sensation' in back, because otherwise they reseed like mad and I ALREADY have more 'Purple Sensation' than I really want. In front, I'm just starting with ornamental alliums, so they get left to go to seed for the next couple years.

What saves me is that my garden is quite small--a standard city lot, so I can usually deadhead 20 daffodils without having to take a step, move to the next clump or clumps and do the same.


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