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eeaieeaioh(6a)February 28, 2014

I posted a couple weeks ago about insulating my buckets. There was an overwhelming concensus to use mylar blankets (both online and off) to reflect the radiant heat. Well, I got the mylar blankets in the mail today and now I'm concerned. From the picture you can see for yourself that a bucket wrapped in mylar is not a pretty sight. Keep in mind I have 20 buckets. Some thoughts about using these blankets:

Can mylar still maintain its insulating properties even if covered, say with a loose knit fabric like natural burlap? I've studied up on mylar and I'm getting mixed answers. I think maybe it can. What do you think?

If mylar still insulates when covered like mentioned above, can it still work if I lined the inside of the buckets instead of wrap the outside? Are there any concerns with having the mylar in contact with the soil?

If either of the above options are feesible (1. Burlap lined with mylar and wrapped around the buckets or 2. Lining the inside of the buckets with mylar) which would you choose?

Click the photo for a look right side up.

Thanks again for your help.

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I would think that anything covering the mylar would absorb and convect heat through the container and into the soil. Your mylar covered bucket looks way cool, go with it. The benefit of having it on the outside is that you can remove it in cool weather and extend your season.

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Lol!! Thanks beach_bums! If only the rest of my household shared your taste for shiny things. I will consider just going with it.

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