wisteria question

adeniumo24November 15, 2006

I'd like to try my hands at bonsai and start off with a wisteria. I've read that the tree has to be quite a few years before it will bloom. Will it bloom sooner if I start off with a cutting since technically the wood is older, than starting over from seed?

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I think so, at least, that is what I've heard. The article, Growing Wisteria, from Ohio State University, states that as well (under the section "Failure to Bloom"), but they do not mention a specific time difference.


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There is a lot of factor before a wisteria blooms specially if bonsai. First, it should be mature enough to give flowers...cutting is not recommended if you want it to have flowers soon. you have to take consideration of the condition of the plant too, sometimes some of the variety love to be root bound in the pot before it will flower, it love water and full sun.

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