eugenia globulus has yellow and light green leaves

rob4yaNovember 28, 2009

I have over a hundred eugenia plants in pots, over time some of my plants leaves are turning yellow and light green, i tryed liquid miracle grow, it helped some but still yellow and light green leaves, when i bought some new plants i noticed how they were a rich dark green. what can i do to help the plants i have now

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The symptoms you outline often mean the plant is being overwatered. Is this a possibility? How long has it been since you repotted into new soil? Are the pots draining well? Have you checked for insect pests such as thrips or spider mites? Have you taken a sick plant to your local county ag agent (better make an appointment for that). These are all the things I would do in your position. Good luck, Jack

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

It could be insects, like J said, or a culturally induced deficiency of Fe (iron) or other nutrients. Some things that come to mind:

High root temperatures can be a major problem and cause the symptoms described.

Over-watering can impair root function & lead to many different nutrient deficiencies and chlorotic plants.

pH is a big possibility. Your MG fertilizer contains Fe and Mn, but if the pH is too high, these elements would be locked in insoluble compounds. Try adding an ounce of white vinegar to each gallon of irrigation water & see if that helps. If you have pH paper, add enough vinegar to reduce the pH to 6.0, and note how much it took. This will neutralize alkalinity and reverse the normal upward creep in pH.

Your fertilizer (MG) contains neither Ca or Mg. Mg deficiencies usually show up in light green foliage. You might try adding the acidified water to a couple of plants and spritzing a couple of plants with 1/2 tsp MgSO4 (Epsom salts) in a gallon of water. If the plants you spritzed green up, yopu should include 1/4 tsp Epsom salts in each gallon of fertilizer solution when you fertilize. BTW - Ca deficiencies often show up as distorted new foliage. If you have a Mg deficiency, and you're using MG, a Ca deficiency is likely not far behind. The Mg deficiency usually shows up first because Mg is about 125x more soluble than Ca.


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