Wiring & Repotting A Cedar

ryan.bNovember 27, 2006

Hey, I have recently purchased a Cedar (Atlas I think) approx 400mm High with a trunk of about 15-20mm. It is still in its nursery pot. I have began to prunn it back, But wanted some advice on when I should start wiring it to shape the branches & also re-pot it. I have heard that Cedars are sensitive to root disturbance, and wire & re-potting at the same time might put to much stress on the plant. Would it be better of to wire it first & shape it whilst its still in the large pot Then wait till next spring or so to re-pot it. ANy help would be appreciated.



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Hey GW
I....Do Not... have any experiance with this particular cedar , I do have a couple of Deodor Cedar in the ground.
I think you would be safe wiring it anytime. I would caution ,wait until spring to repot. Even then, give some thought to , Is the trunk as big as you want it ? It's sure not going to grow very fast once it is in a Bonsai pot.
Sorry , but the mms are lost on me , It may be a huge tree for all I know.
All the Best.

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Sorry Ryan I missread , your name

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Thanks for that Dave, sorry I'm in Australian, work in the metric, its about 1 foot 6inches high & the trunk is about 3/4 to 1 inch thick. lower branches are about 1/4 inch thick. Its just towards the end of our spring now so I might wire it up & leave it till next spring. what is the usually a good period to leave it wire for it to affect the branch structure enough so it will hold its position.

Cheers mate


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You can still wire it , just keep a close eye on the wire , as you are going into your growing season. Your tree ,hopefully will be growing , inside those wire coils. You don't want any ugly wiring scars. Maybe wire a little looser.
As to how long , I don't think there's a set time . I usually just leave the wire on till it starts getting snug, then cut it off . If the limb stays where I want it, I'm in business, if not, I rewire it.
Sorry for my ignorance of the whole rest ot the world and the metric system
G-Day Mate

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