Curly top virus?

BatsukamanFebruary 22, 2013

I planted some beets from the supermarket in a pot in the hopes of growing some fresh beet greens. The beets took off and were growing rather well, but I noticed that the leaves on one of them tended to curl in on themselves. I thought that it might be a sign of stress, since I had started that particular one in water before moving it to soil, and didn't pay it much mind. It continued to grow quickly (more quickly in fact than the others) but the leaves got more and more curled and gray, to the point where today I decided that I didn't want to eat it anyway and threw it out.

The closest thing I can find to these symptoms is curly top virus, but if that was the cause the beet probably had it when I bought it because I don't think I have leaf-hoppers (there are some white/brown bugs but they don't fly and are usually confined to the soil, I was hoping they were springtails).

If this was curly top virus:
-Should I be worried about it having spread to the other plants in the pot? There are three other beets and some garlic.
-If so, would it effect the garlic? Would it still be safe to eat?

If not... also those things.

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It may be good idea to post this question on vegetable or market gardening forums - possibly more knowledge about veggie deseases over there.
Lots of them spread to other plants, good you got rid of the infected one.

It's impossible to know what condition the produce was growing in, and some viruses stay infectious for very long time.

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