Please Help: Beginner Window Strawberry Grow

JohnnyAngelesFebruary 3, 2013

This will be my first experience personally growing anything outside of science class. I'm 20, live in my own apartment, in arid Mesa Arizona, have a south-facing balcony, and would like to grow strawberries in my windowsill.�

Due to the direction, I get sunlight from nearly dawn to dusk. I'd prefer to grow inside for mainly 2 reasons: To fragrance/oxidize my apartment, and because the daytime temp will hit triple-digits for weeks (months) on end.�Winters are very moderate, to say the least.

What are a few species you recommend? I'd like to pick fruit for as year-round as I can; would you advise a few "June-bearing" plants planted at different times, or a few "Ever-bearing" plants? Or an entirely different set-up? I'd like to keep it modest though, it's a windowsill garden not a windowsill orchard.�

What size, generally speaking, should the containers be? How deep should they be? Would it be better, hypothetically, to have 3 plants in a single long container or 3 separate containers?

I'm looking for advice and guidance on any or all aspects of this, including anything I may not ask (I am a beginner, y'know !)

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zzackey(8b GA)

I use window boxes and have so-so success. I don't think I fertilize enough. At the local ag center they grow them in Grow boxes and fertilize with Miracle Gro every time they water. They are expensive, but they have great results. Your place would have to be pretty cool for them to grow. 60 degrees or less IMO.

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I started growing strawberries in my house and have never been as satisfied with anything ever.

Strawberries are on sale everywhere right now because it is about to be planting time.

I encourage you to try everything you have money, room, and patience for and experiment!

Just avoid june-bearers, they rely on waxing and waning photo-periods / day lengths to grow buds, bloom, and set fruit.

Blooming Bulb has sets of 10 starts for less than $4.00 right now. They will take a while to get established, but it's worth it. I ordered 10 of 'Tribute' and will try half outdoors and half inside? What's to lose? A sad pint of strawberries costs more than those 10 plants just did.

I currently have 25 alpine strawberries i have grown from seed since November, and they are all producing fruit except a few. Growing from seed takes patience but is a lot of fun. I have had lots of luck with the Mignonette seeds from Renee's Garden and the (non-alpine) hybrid Fresca seeds from - not to mention ALL of that dude's alpine seeds. He is the #1 authority on alpines and strawberries from seed and has lots of invaluable writing on the subject.

Hope this was encouraging! Strawberries are yr best friend!

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P.S. i am growing my alpines in a range of containers including tiny 4" pots, taller 6" pots, and large bean cans.

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