my bulbs are rooting..?

ladybugsmom192(9)May 6, 2012

hi there! i'm a gardener but new to bulbs, at least starting them from the bulb itself. actually i had much success starting some miniature dahlias from seeds last season. i'm not sure if i should post here on in the CA forum.

anyway, i succumbed to the bulb rack at my local HD. i've always wanted to try them, and figured i'd experiment on the HD ones and work the kinks out, before i get into the ones i really want from catalogs.

so, with that said, i have some dahlias (dinnerplate mix and arabian night), gladiolas, lillies (stargazer), and tigridia mix. i got them in march, kept them in my cool garage, and then had been hospitalized for several weeks on 3 separate occasions. so only now can i plant them.

my question is is it too late? some have root shoots already is that bad? it's the dahlias, they're in a dirt mix of some kind. the tigridia bulbs seem dried out. the glad's seem ok, but can't remember how they were before i got sick. the stargazer is definitely rooting. they all say they are second or third season bloomers if that means anything to you.

any information, recommendations, or suggestions will be extremely appreciated as i am still, at this late date, trying to plan my flower garden.


angela :)

what should or can i do? i was so excited when i got them

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Your lilies and tigridias should have been planted a month or two ago. Plant them now and hope for the best. The dahlias and glads will be fine planted now. These are all full sun plants, so I hope your location can provide that. Sorry about your hospital stays and hope that is all over. Al

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