Crinums and Hail Storm.

Lisa_H(7)May 31, 2012

We had a rather vicious hail storm this week. I noticed this morning that my crinum leaves had taken a pretty good beating, some cut in half, some just laying down to the ground. Should I cut the leaves back? It has sent up one bloom stalk a few weeks ago.

I can post a pic later if it will help.

(I originally posted in perennials, but it was suggested I also ask here!)


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I would leave it alone to recover on its own. Al

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Al, thanks for your advice! I took it, and look what I came home to tonight!!! I think every one of those bloom stalks grew since I left home this morning. I certainly haven't noticed them. (you can see the roofing sign in the background...lots of new roofs in the neighborhood again this year.)

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Glad your Crinums are sending up their bloom stalks on schedule. At this point I would remove the worst of the damaged foliage that will distract from the beauty of the blooms. Here we only see your kind of hail on the television, and we are thankful for that. Al

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Thank you! It was a good idea to wait until I could see the true damage. I'll work on it this week getting the dead stuff cut away. My irises are behind me in the pic. They took a beating too. It makes me slightly ill to look at them, but really these are the two that took the worst damage. I guess their broader leaves make them a bigger target.

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fairfield8619(Zone 8 NW LA)

I personally couldn't stand to look at the broken mess for too long! I'd enjoy this round of flowers and cut back the foliage. But that's just me. Crinums are tough.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

No worries. There is not a tougher bulb than crinums. I cut back nasty foliage every year. My clumps get rusty leaves and sometimes do some browning and dieing back in hot dry spells. I wouldn't advise you to cut the entire clump back to the ground, but removing damaged leaves will probably only do them good. They will love you even more if you give them a nice soaking of manure tea or other organic nitrogen.

Crinums are, perhaps, my favorite bulb. And this year has been a spectacular year for them. You will notice that established clumps of Milk and Wines like you have will bloom 3 days after a deep soaking rain from spring all the way to frost. Some of my clumps had 30 scapes back in the spring. Positively show stopping.

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