Anyone board out of their mind?

botanical_billNovember 28, 2006

Im in Florida and my plants slowed down so much I cant do much with them, I could not imagine being somewhere it snows and the plants go completely dormant.

Im trying to find a hobby, but cant, so I keep reading about bonsai.

Im sure most of the experienced people have lived though this, what can I do to pass the winter by? None of my tools need sharpened. I made a pot out of concrete, but that was too messy. Im kind of lost with out the plants growing.

I cut way back on the watering, giving me more time away. I drew a picture of a bonsai tree, but Im horrible at drawing and didnt enjoy it that much.

Im thinking of getting a grow light and bring one of the plants inside. A ficus or pomgranet, something like that.

I came across a book, bonsai herbs or something on those lines. Its says if you bonsai thyme, rosemary or basal, you can get a full size bonsai in less than a year. Might be worthwhile to pass the time by waiting and get in some practice for a newbee, right?

Maybe this is where I learn patience.

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Why not design a (fantasy - sky's the limit) bonsai garden set-up, complete with monkey poles, lanterns, infinite shelving of every kind, etc. etc. and then let us see it?

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or get some polymer clay and make some decorations........

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