Dormancy and light for deciduous plants

northernlight(z4/5 ON)December 5, 2012

Hello Forum,
I have a small deciduous sweet gum (liquidambar) which with some effort putting it into the fridge many nights is starting to show some good autumn colour indoors. It won't be fully leafless for another couple of weeks but I am going away for the rest of the month as of next week. My question is can I store it in the fridge after I leave despite that it'll still be in the process of changing colour and have some odd green leaves. Or should I just put it in front of a window at room temperature, have a friend water it while I'm way and put it in the fridge when I return? I'm not sure of the light requirements of a deciduous tree as it is turning fall colours- do they need light as they are turning? Putting it outside isn't an option as I'm in an apartment and will need to overwinter it in the wine fridge.


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