Ficus Enigma

head_cutterDecember 12, 2009

But also interesting.

Anywhere a species of tree grows in profusion you are bound to have 'sports' coming out, this ficus is no exception. It strongly resembles a ficus b. in most respects, also a Port Jackson along with a few others. What sets it apart are a few strange charicteristics all of it's own.

When the new foliage unfolds it comes out curled and twisted. It's also a reddish/bronze color for a few days up to a week before turning the normal green.

Unlike my other ficus defoliation seems to do nothing but piss it off--in retaliation it throws larger leaves??

It also stinks, ficus b./foetid?

I have others growing in water and there is no problem. This one (even changing the water every few days) turns the water into a stinking brackish mess overnight.

Jerry M. and I have chatted about it and he's still chuckling.

How bad does the water stink? Soooo bad that the mosquitos won't even lay eggs in it, ya...that bad.

And this was the tree I was working to plant in the water pot in the front room. Ya, I'm re-thinking that!!


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Very interesting story and I do like this particular ficus specimen . I've been trying to figure out how to order Jerry's two books on Ficus and Indoor Bonsai ...

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