Is it too late to grow in containers?

jerem(5b)May 30, 2010

I bought a couple small boxes of random bulbs hoping to plant them in containers just for the fun of it and all say the planting time is jan-may and its still may so i figured i could still grow them im wondering if these can still be grown this year if i planted them now or is it too late? Heres the ones i bought:

Dutch Iris - Mixed

Shooting Stars - Triteleia Queen Fabiola

Wind Flowers - Anemones Mixed

Butter Cups - Ranunculus Mixed

Freesia - Single Mixed

So can these still be planted and bloom this year or is it too late? If i grow these in pots can i replant the bulbs next year if i dig them out and store them over the winter?


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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Most of MY bulb packets say the same - and I'm Southern Hemisphere!

This is tentative information:

I'd definitely try them in the containers. However, I'd keep them in 'springlike' conditions - morning sun and, once growing, reliable water. Maybe somewhere on the north-eastern side of the house.

For me - Dutch iris foliage is already up 30cm. Freesias are up foliage-wise as are Anemone and Ranunculus. Triteleia is pondering. Day temps are 15C and going down. Night temps are 10C and (shiver) going down. It's been raining for days. Winter is now clearly setting in.

Where in your garden can you pretend it's a zone 8 or 9 spring?

When they come through you may not get lasting flowers as the summer warmth will quickly knock them back, though the Freesias and Triteleia will probably do best.

But it would be worth it.

Good luck!

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Thanks so much for the help, i also have another question if someone could help i read that you can space the bulbs closer than you would in the ground about half the distance needed, is this true?

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I hate to double post but im hoping someone will know if its ok to space at half the distance when planting in containers? I apologize! :)

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Yes, if planting in containers, you can place the bulbs quite close together. Just keep them from touching each other.

FWIW, in my climate, the only ones with any hope of blooming this season would be the triteleia and the freesia....the bloom season for the others has come and gone (Dutch iris, anemones and ranunculus are typically planted in fall). Regardless, they would all benefit from planting rather than sitting around :-)

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