bulb augers?

vaherbmomMay 11, 2010

I have a lot of bulbs to plant, anyone use a bulb auger? Which one and where did you get it?


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keriann_lakegeneva(5B WI/IL border)

Well I use one...

but it is just a 2" sprial drill bit and it works great!

I also use a 4" spiral drill bit for my larger bulbs.

Both of which I got at Home Depot.

Cheaper than a bulb auger and it does a great job. Quick and snappy with my cordless drill.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Many of the augers require the use of a 1/2" drill. I borrowed various sized long bulb augers and a cordless 1/2" drill from my neighbors only to discover that the batteries were shot, and they wouldn't hold a charge over about 5 bulbs...what a waste of time.

I recently bought a short bulb auger at Menards and it will fit my 3/8" electric drill, but I haven't had occasion to try it out just yet. I don't mind stringing the electric cord for it, since it won't lose power due to a low battery.

I was told by my neighbor that the augers didn't work well for her if the soil was real dry and hard as heck, or if it was too wet and the clay soil was gummy.


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I bought a device from Gardener's supply that worked better than any of the augers I had ever tried. It is a hollow cylinder and I planted 100 bulbs in a hour with it. It also has to be used with a drill, but I loved it, and it worked pretty well in my clay soil.

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sirmatthew(4 - Iowa)

Thank the maker for bulb augers!! I would NOT be planting anymore were it not for my bulb auger! It's a 12-inch attachment to a cordless drill and I just bought a new battery for the thing since I refuse to drag a cord around. I planted 100+ glads in a few short hours. It's great for planting fall bulbs, because you can drill the holes to the perfect depth and squeeze them in,what would otherwise be, tight spots with ease. The expense of a new battery is well worth the savings in time and hard work! I use the Power Planter Auger - it's not one of those thin little green colored ones you see in stores. And make sure the drill is the right size/power to handle the work, too.

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What Gardeners Supply? Is that the name of the site? What is the name of the tool?

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Gardener's supply is the name of the site, and Poweer Bulb Planter is the name of the tool.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

It does not work well in wet clayey soil and requires a good grip of the drill. If your drill has a lot of torque, watch out for the handle.
I have learned to use it only with a less powerful drill instead.
It also is deadly for worms and existing bulbs.

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susana_mc(8a Jackson MS)

I tried the Bulb Bopper and found out that our soil is too clayey for it; it didn't work well even when the soil was barely damp. I returned it and used a large heavy prybar, filling the hole with garden soil mixed with fertilizer. The bulbs didn't seem to mind the compression of the soil.


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