Baobab.....Starter Kits

BronxFigsDecember 6, 2012

While researching to find information regarding the cultivation of Baobab-bonsai....I came across a grower, in Africa exporting "starter-kits"...consisting of a pre-packaged, dormant, Baobab trees, together with some planting instructions.

I cannot seem to find any importers/dealers in the USA who are retailing these starter kits. Does anyone know any source for these starter trees...or, Bonsai nurseries selling pre-Bonsai, Baobab stock.

I know Bonsai Collectables offers pre-Bonsai stock...but I was hoping for a source for the starter kits...which no doubt would be cheaper.

I really wanted to start by training a "tree" with some age, a thicker trunk, and some branching, as opposed to some 3-4 year old seedlings. I ain't young....Tick-Tock.

Thanks for any information and help offered.


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I think is best site forever.

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