How many leaves do caladium Grow?

midnighttulip(Zone 9)May 21, 2009

Hi i planted some Calladium bulbs back in February. they have all sprouted now some have 2 leaves and some have just one. some leaves are big but not as big as i imagined them to be....another thing i wanted to ask was if the leaves will spread and cover patches of dirt...? or do i have to plant the calladium bulbs closer to each other in order for that to happen? as of now i have the calladiums all scattered. and the leaves are all sprouted, they are also the same size. like i said some have 3 leaves but most have only 1. there is one that has a type of flower bud i did not know they can sprout flowers! well here is a picture of the calladium so far. (this is just one of them like i said before they are all scatered but they all look just like this one, it is the calladium Blaze)

My calladium:

here is how i wanted them to look:

will they eventually get like that or do i have to plant them in groups?


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What was the size of bulbs?

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ladychroe(z6 NJ)

I have read that to get many leaves from a single caladium tuber, you should snap off the first leaf as it emerges. I do this when the leaf looks like a little cone, not when it's fully formed like yours is. I'm not sure if removing the tuber's only leaf at this stage would be a good idea- might it shock the plant? You could try it on a plant or two and see what happens.

Don't we have an Aroid forum? You may find better information if you post there.

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