what to do after daffodils finish blooming in tub

purnima(z9CA)May 23, 2011

I planted daffodils in a tub and they finished blooming. I waited till the leaves dried up and then removed them. I was wondering if I need to take the bulbs out of the tub and plant them later so they bloom next year.


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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

That depends on the tub and the daffodils.

If you want to use the tub over summer for a display you can tip out the bulbs and put them aside in a cool and airy-dry place until it's time to replant.

If you don't need the tub for summer you can put the whole thing out of sight and leave the bulbs in the potting mixture.

However. If the tub is not deep (around 24") what often happens is the bulbs sneak to the bottom and, when their new roots begin, they have only a small area of soil to grow in. You end up with a big mass of tangled roots all trying to escape through the drain holes.

When replanting time comes it is probably 'best' to tip out the contents of the tub and sort the bulbs for size. Put the little offsets into a separate container or directly in the ground.

Use fresh mix and replant the larger bulbs. When they start showing through you can sprinkle some slow release fertiliser on the surface and gently 'stir' it through the top inch or so of mix.

Please note: some sorts of Narcissus will be up and in full leaf far earlier in their second year than when you first bought the bulbs. For example - my paperwhites and jonquils are already in flower - and we haven't had the first frost yet. They were coming into action, with roots, back in February/March (your August-September). although the leaves were later to show above the ground.

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Your bulbs are fully charged for next year and there is nothing to be gained by leaving them in the tub. We are just starting into our summer growing season and your tub could now be filled with summer flowers. Your bulbs will keep in storage after removal as has been suggested. Al

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Thanks for your advice. Will remove it from the tub.

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