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compostworm5(9)December 23, 2008

Hey everyone!! This stage in bonsai has gotten me so frustrated. I've been trying to anchor down my pine tree I just dug up out of the forest. I cut the roots back a tad and now I just want to anchor it down in it's new home. Whats the easiest way to do this?? I wrap wire around the roots, but just can't seem to find a good wrap system to work. The tree is not a baby, it stands around a foot and then some. I fed the wire through the drainage holes and came back up through the pot too. Help!!! Thanks.

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Hi, you haven't mentioned the size of the pot relative to the tree or rootball, which would be helpful. Putting a just dug pine straight into a pot is pretty tricky at the best of times, let alone for a newbie, and I mean from the point of view of taking proper care of the tree, not just the mechanics of wiring it in. Depending (so much) on the nature of the root spread, direction, mass, etc., you would either use wires coming straight up from the holes, through the plastic canvas, and wire them around large surface roots just once or so (then either cut them or get them back down and out there (around a fat twig to hold them), but if the tree and roots are small, I'll often loop around the trunk from above in 3-4 directions, bring the wire down over the pot edges and tie them off under the pot... not pretty, but less harmful to the tree and more of a good anchor if you balance the loop tightnesses. I wouldn't wire around internal roots though.

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