Korean maple

paul3636(6a Ma.)December 12, 2008

In September I bought a 2.5 ft Korean maple on Ebay and planted it in the ground, pot and all. I would like to start train it as a bonsai in a year or 2.

Is the Korean maple treated differently from a Trident or Japanese maple?

If so what care is required?


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The only thing I'd do is get it out of the pot into the ground. Unless you know your pot is strong (high fired, Japanese) it's likely to crack in winter plus keep the tree from growing and the point of growing a tree out in the ground is to speed up trunk growth. Koreans wouldn't be treated any differently from Japanese maples.

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Don't treat a Korean maple like a trident or Japanese maple. I have two of them. They are not the best bonsai due to dieback and rough growth. Leave longer than usual stubs when pruning and make sure to seal your wounds. Mine do best in full sunlight, shade can invite some fungal diseases. Can you post a picture ?

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paul3636(6a Ma.)

I wont post a picture yet because all you will see is a 30" stick. I did google 'Korean maple bonsai images' and a few nice samples showed up. One of the tips was try to keep it in full sun so you are correct in your treatment of KRN maples. Thanks for your other tips also.
Do they need a lot of water?
Do they bud back when pruned.
Full grown trees are awsome.
I received it in a plastic pot with most of the leaves gone. It looked dormant so it was plantd in the ground to protect it.

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Paul - I did the same search for Korean maple bonsai images. The images I saw are not Korean maples, they are Japanese maples or Korean hornbeam. Again, they are difficult to grow, not good bonsai subjects. For you, trident maple would be a much better choice, they are cheap, faster growing and very forgiving.

Don't overwater your Korean maple, they do not like that at all. They will bud back nicely, but the growth is long and coarse. I have a picture of my landscape Korean maple on Bonsaitalk.com

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paul3636(6a Ma.)

I will look up your pictures.
What zone are you.
Trident maples have not done well for me in pots, Zone 5-6 on the New Enland coast thats why i'm trying Korean maples. I appreciate your input.

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