Tulip shoots cut off

dasia(ON Canada)May 7, 2011

My tulip shoots came up while I was away and had someone mowing my lawn for me. They cut off some of the new shoots. I am resigned to them not flowering, but can anyone tell me if the bulbs will survive? Is there anything I can do to help them? Many thanks for any advice.

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Of course I have never tried mowing them, so can not speak from experience. I think the bulbs will survive, and would expect them to continue growing this year at least the foliage. They should be back to normal next year. Al

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dasia(ON Canada)

Thank you for the reassurance, Al. I will leave them and hope to see them bloom next year.

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They will survive but may not flower next year. By cutting off the leaves, the tulip's ability to store enough sugars and form a flower embryo for next spring has been handicapped.

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