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emptysgirl7May 4, 2009

Good evening,

Last month I bought two hyacinths bulbs one was bluish puprle and the other is pink. Right before I planted them earlier month the leaves starting getting yellow tips and curling and the bluish purple flowers all turned brown. I trimmed the off the dead parts I would like to know if they will rebloom or do I have to get new bulbs.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I would like to know if they will rebloom or do I have to get new bulbs.
No, they will not rebloom for you this year, if that is what you meant, but will hopefully live and bloom for you next spring. Often bulbs that have been forced (like if you bought them already in bloom in a pot) will not bloom as well the next spring, but will recover in time.

Additionally, when hyacinths bulbs are bought and planted in the fall, they will give a great big bloom the very first season, and then the remaining seasons, the blooms may be not as full, but they may kick in again and reward you sometime with a full sized bloom.

The hyacinth below has been planted for several years. Last year,(2008) I don't remember it being so pretty, but this year it was almost like it had been planted from a big fresh bulb the fall before. The bloom was so big and heavy I had to prop it up with a rock.


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