Help! Need to make quick decision about Jennifer in snow

mzetlinDecember 29, 2012

I have a juniper bonsai that's about 15 years old. Usually I bury it in my garden under some compost when the temperature starts dipping below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

This year it's been unusually warm-- till now. We had our first snowfall a couple of days ago, but the weather service predicted it would then thaw and rain over the next couple of days, so I left the Juniper out on about one inch of snow on ground under a small bush (azalea, in case it matters) near my house.

Well, the weather service got it wrong. A couple of wet inches fell then froze solid. Now the pot and most of the plant is buried in that ice. Four more inches of snow and then temperatures in the single digits are predicted for the next few days.

What should I do??

I can:

1. Leave it where it is and pray the ice protects it

2. Chip it out of the ice and then bring it onto my enclosed porch when temperatures go below 20. Not ideal since the porch is heated though it stays fairly cool. Of course if the snow melts and the ground thaws I can then bury it as per usual.

3. Chip it out and then do my best to get under the ice in my garden and the ice over the compost and attempt to bury it properly. I seriously doubt I'll be successful in this attempt but I'm willing to try in order to save this tree.

Advice please ASAP.

Thanks in advance,


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Juniper, not Jennifer! Blasted auto-correct!

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