Pulling up glad's in the fall...

cassieinmass(6)May 11, 2009

When this fall comes, how will I go about pulling up the bulbs to save for the nexy year? Do I wait for the follige to die down, or would it be safe to pull them up and cut off the green and cure them for a day or so?

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)


(Just to move this one into view again.)

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mdgardengurl(MD Zone 7)

You need to wait till the foliage dies before pulling the bulbs. They need the foliage to provide food for next year's flowers. I dig them, cut the foliage (it usually just pulls away from the bulbs) wipe off the soil. I leave them out to dry out for a few days, then pack them loosly in sawdust. Kept dry, they will be ready to plant in spring. You may find that the bulbs have produced little 'babies' - small bulblets. These will grow into full sized bulbs, but may take a couple years.

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Many bulb growers get dissatisfied whent hey see the browning of the foliage and want to dig them up before the bulb finishes what it has to.
By removing the bulb before the foliage dies back naturally, the bulb loses energy it needs to grow and bloom next season.
It only requires about 3 weeks..then you can dig them up, flick off their soil and take them to a place where they are stored cool, dry, and dark. Washing them only makes them needed to be dried that much longer.
You may, if you wish, dust them with a fungicide to prevent mildew. You may put them into boxes which you have made a bed with peat moss or dry sand.
Generally it is best to not let them touch one another.

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Is it typical to dig them up in your area? I have never dug up my glad bulbs and they grow bigger and taller every year. Once I had to move some for another reason and I was just amazed at how HUGE the bulb had gotten and there were at least 30 (I'm not exagerating) bulbettes. It was like a glad explosion :) bonus!!!

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