Can I keep daffodil bulbs in cool storage?

linlily(z5/6PA)May 9, 2012

I may get some freshly dug daffodil bulbs in trade, and wondered if I can keep them in cool storage until fall. I could plant them in a large pot and then put them in storage when the foliage dies back or just place them in a box and put them in the cool storage.

One of our bedrooms was added on to our original house - long before we bought it - and there is a crawl space under the bedroom, instead of basement, and we can access it by a door. I have 100% success over wintering my dahlias,cannas, and amaryllis bulbs there. I think that the temperature stays pretty much the same all year round. It never freezes and never gets too warm there.

What's my chances of keeping the bulbs alive there until fall?


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Linda,

Where are the daffodils coming from? In many parts of the country it is still quite early to be digging them and if they are dug too early next years blooms might already be compromised, but the bulbs themselves should be fine and bloom in later years.

Wherever they are stored, it should be airy and the bulbs should be stored in a single layer or hung in mess bags to dry. I would think that under the house might be a bit humid, or not allow for any air movement. Might you have a place to hang them like in a mesh potato or onion bag somewhere outside where they would be out of the sun and protected from rain?

I would go ahead and cut the foliage back once they arrive.


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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Even easier would be to just replant immediately where you want them to grow.

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I don't know where the trader is from - no zone info next to her name, Sue, so I don't know where the bulbs are coming from. Many of our daffs in our area bloomed out very early in March, when we had that first warm spell up north.

I don't think the crawl space is humid. I would have thought that if it was, I would have had problems already from storing the dahlias, cannas, and amaryllis bulbs from storing them there. As I said, I've not lost a single one.
I lay them either on an old beach towel or a card board box lid in a single layer. I'm not sure that hanging them in the garage would be a great idea. I'd get the air movement, but it gets so darn humid in the garage.

If I had the time to plant them now, I guess I wouldn't be asking this question. I'm playing catch up from the last two springs and summers due to my Father's illness and subsequent death, and last year, my surgery, cancer scare, treatments, etc. This spring, there is just SO much to do. If I can get the bulbs, I hate to turn them down. Waiting till fall to plant them will buy me some time to make changes in the beds and even make more room for them.

Thanks for your responses.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

So sorry to hear of what all has happened and why you are having to 'play catch up'. I know it can be so overwhelming.

I lay them either on an old beach towel or a card board box lid in a single layer.
Sounds like they should be fine then.

Good luck with your 'catch-up'! Remember, gardening is supposed to be a fun relaxing hobby, and not a hard chore. I too got way behind and overwhelmed by it all, and as a result have chosen to just downsize on a lot of things.


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