Help with scrawny Ponytail Palm

hotmessDecember 5, 2012

I need some help with what I think is a Ponytail Palm. I have seen lovely pictures of others, however mine looks so thin and scraggly. Is there some help for it to become nice and full and curly? It has 3 shoots growing from the top where the leaves grow from rather than the one growth spot at the top that I have seen in other plants. Will some sort of pruning encourage fuller growth?

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It looks like it needs more light, I would add some kind of supplemental lighting such as a fluorescent bulb.

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I had one of these when I lived in Hawaii. I had it outside in partial sun(on the lanai)and it grew huge at the base. I believe the width of the pot will regulate the size of the trunk if given good sun and proper care when you can in the spring. The three tops are from chopping the top. It looks like that was done. You could remove two of the tops to get back to one if you want, but I think it is fine as is. Take a Dremel tool and shape up the top trunk cut to look more natural. Enjoy and Merry Xmas. Aloha

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