How to treat Hippeastrum bulbs?

madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)May 6, 2012

Help! I belong to a Master Gardener association in orthern Alabama and we just got a donation of about 50 pots of Hippeastrum bulbs, already potted up - each pot has between 1 and 12 bulbs. Nearly all are already dormant. We have our annual sale in late April and if possible I would like to time the next flowering for then. So -

1) How should the bulbs be treated between now and then? When should we repot them?

2) To get them to bloom at the proper time, what should we do?

I am completely unfamiliar with these bulbs and your help is very appreciated!

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repost this on the amaryllis/hippeastrum forum i know they can help. for question 2 you need to chill them so many weeks befor you want them to bloom. but like i said repost it over there those guys are awsome.

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My first Amaryllis/hippeastrum are just starting to bloom. They will gradually bloom for the next month. I have about 25 all in one gallon pots. Kept in part shade they do well in our climate. With a lot of small bulbs you should not expect bloom for a few years. The timing of the bloom cycle requires forcing dormancy and bringing them out of dormancy when bloom is desired, usually around Christmas. Al

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