How to store newly bought Caladium bulbs?

kris2001(6a - s.e.PA)May 2, 2009


I bought some caladium (some 50 bulbs for $14) at Sams club this year. I planted half and wanna store other half.

Can I store the other half for next year? Will they be ok to grow next year if so how do I store the bulbs?

Thanks-kris ...sePA

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The tubers probably won't last that long in storage and retain viability. Better to grow them all out and dig to save for next year in the fall. BTW - it's still a little early to be planting caladiums outside, even here. Being truly tropical, they'll just sit there (or worse yet, rot) until the soil temperature warms up.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I agree, they will not be any good if they are stored for an entire year.

You do know that the ones you plant this year, can be dug this fall, and stored for the winter and then grown again next year, don't you?

I guess if you did not want to dig them, you could plant them in a big pot, and then just overwinter the whole pot in an area between 60 and 75 degrees.


Here is a link that might be useful: Digging and storing the bottom.

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If you planted yours outdoors....AND you've had lots of rain and / or a frost you might want to poke around and be certain those you planted are OK. I'm zone 7b/8a and I'm still waiting to plant. They are happiest when the soil temps are about 70 degrees or even warmer.

They look really good when they are planted close together and as others have said, you can dig them up and store them for winter after they've replenished this year.

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