Just bought fading discount callas, how should I treat them?

steve22802(7a VA)May 25, 2009

I just picked up two small pots of the miniature calla lilies at Lowes. They were on sale for half off because they are almost done blooming. But it seems like the season for calla lilies (summer here in Virginia) is just starting so I'm wondering how I should handle these. I suppose they won't bloom any more this season will they? Can I encourage the bulbs to grow larger for next year if I plant them now and water and fertilize them regularly or do they think their season is over and are they just going to go dormant?

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Nancy zone 6

Callas don't go dormant in summer for me, mine are just now coming up. As you said, water & fertilize & they will grow nicely for next year. Mine are just now coming up & don't bloom for another month or so, but hold their blooms for most of the summer. At least until the seed pods get so heavy that the flower folds over. They hold the flower color pretty much til fall, but you can't see it sitting on the ground unless it is propped up. Some of the colors grow better than others. I bought an orange variety & the deep purple about 3 years ago. They come back every year, but have not bloomed. You are a zone warmer so you may not have that problem. I love the ones with variegated foliage especially.

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steve22802(7a VA)

Thanks for the suggestions ngraham. I've grown a larger white variety, Zantedeschia albo maculata, for a number of years and they have done well for me but this is my first season growing the miniature varieties. I suppose these were forced to bloom early in a greenhouse.

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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Steve, I bought some for the first time last year, lifted them in the late fall and replanted last month - they are coming up quite nice and reblooming. I did exactly as you described - water and fertilize last year. I did read lately that you're supposed to cut the bloom off just before it goes to seed - makes senese for any plant I guess to maintain strength. Mine weren't the miniature ones - they sound nice. Better for planters, which is where I have mine now. Good luck with yours. Alana

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I'm in Northeastern NC and I bought container callas my first year in this house. The callas were in bloom at the time. I put them in the ground and haven't really touched them since. They came back the next year and every year after profusely.

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