Fertilizing winter overed Princess Lily

jacqui_ontario(z5 Ont)May 26, 2010

I have several 10 inch pots of Alstroemeria Princess Lilies which I wintered over in a combo of unheated porch and cool basement. The pots are lush with growth. I`ve read the first growth is support stems and the flowering stems will appear after those.

The plants are in a soiless mix and the stems about 5 inches high. I fertilized with Miracle Gro about a month ago. What should I be using as fertilizer... I`ve read advice suggesting low nitrogen such as tomato or an annual flower solution like Miracle Gro.

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I have about a hundred Alstromeria in one gallon pots. They get so full of roots they need to be repoted and divided. When I repot I add time delay fertilizer 18-6-12 one teaspoon per pot. Several areas of the garden also are planted with Alstromeria. In the garden I do not fertilize, as they don't need it. Earlier in the year I pulled all the stems in the ground, and they have now regrown and are both blooming and falling on the ground. The frequent rain and cool temperatures are partly responsible. In the pot they depend on fertilizer, but I would suggest a weak solution not high in any number. You may have to pull your first stems before you get any bloom, but I would be careful to only pull the largest stems and always leave at least one or two small stems. Al

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jacqui_ontario(z5 Ont)

Thanks Al,
I have pulled some larger stems perhaps a fourth of them. And I'll give an application of weak Miracle Gro.

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