Any advice with bonsai lemons?

Eric580December 31, 2012

Hello since I have two lemon seedlings and the right one is small and compact I have decided to bonsai it. How do I do this? The seedling is about two years old with a good root system. Here is a picture.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Follow the advice in this song's chorus. WHILE you do that, get a couple of books and read them so you understand what bonsai IS. Amy Liang's "The Living Art of Bonsai" should be available at most libraries, or used copies might be available.

You might wish to consider a tree that lends itself to bonsai better than the lemon will (maybe a ficus?). The lemon is probably going to reliably and rapidly shoot out long, straight branches with internodes measurable in inches rather than fractions of inches.

Before you can apply bonsai techniques, you need to understand what they are ..... and you need to know what the basic rules are. You don't have to follow the rules, but knowing what they are helps you break them and still end up with something that pleases the eye.

Everyone loves the look of a perfectly formed miniature version of a tree you might find in a landscape, so if bonsai was easy, everyone would do it. It takes a commitment to effort much like raising a pet takes, but it takes much more knowledge to care for a bonsai than almost any pet. If you truly wish to pursue bonsai, before all else you should center on learning how to keep your trees alive and healthy for the long haul.


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watch out for red scale insects on the stems and the leaves. They appear in the winter and leave sticky honeydew droplets everywhere. I wash mine with safer soap before bringing them in in the fall but by mid winter they appear and I have to do it again in the bathtub while wondering why I bother. Maybe insecticide would help but I dont like poison

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