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iboard4airMay 21, 2009

Hi -

My fiance and I are getting married August 1st and are trying to decide if bulbs are a good idea for wedding favors. We found a place that will send us tulip bulbs 2 weeks before the wedding date.

If we store them in a cool, dry place (such as our finished basement) will they be ok for wedding?

Also, how fast will our guests need to either plant them or store them effectively after our wedding? If we will be in 80 degree weather with them for 2 days, will the bulbs survive and/or be okay for fall planting?

Appreciate your input and advice.


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Two weeks prior to your wedding date ---let's say mid July the bulb house (or whatever they call themselves) is not doing you or your guests a favor by sending them out as you suggest.

If you examine the requirements of bulbs of this type, they need a soil temperature of less than 60ºF to properly be expected to have before planting. Normally when bulbs are planted in the fall, soil temperatures are a lot lower than 60º.

Mid July...Connecticut and its environs...I'm sure has soil temperatures that are far above 60 and as such it points to a dangerous time interval before they could be expected to be planted with any degree of certainty of safety.

Another question I must ask: Howcum such bulb house...and I use that term loosely...would have tulip bulbs for export at such an early time. Mid September is probably as early as one should expect bulbs to be ready for sale.

These bulbs may be ones held over from last year and will, no doubt, have problems with their growing and --probably too will not gurantee them.
Even 'stored' bulbs have a time limit when they can be expected to perform. I believ ethe time interval is 3 months...give or take.

Notwithstanding my error in this judgement...can you find another 'bulb house' that will send stock out at such an early date...find any reputable nursery or bulb dealer in your area and ask them if such early date of purchase can be, should be, made and what storage should be considered.

Normally, bulbs bought when they are unable to be planted right away...that day or the next...they must be given a cool area of storage.
In mid July, how can one possibly expect to find such a place...outside of their refrigerator--where such bulbs can be kept safe. That would be your dilemma.
When yo give them as gifts, then the holder is expected to find a similar place...in the first week of August, I expect the same hardship to exist.

I'm afraid your wedding day and your guests gift receiving date is not conducive to successful conclusion.

In the meantime, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials..let's hope your day is as nice as you wish it.

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