Can I move my summer bulbs?

annie60004May 14, 2014

So I planted a few bulbs about 10 days ago. I planted two peony in containers, several asiatic lilies, several gladiolus, and a dahlia. I was unsure what I was doing with the dahlia and about 2 days ago I was looking at what was sticking out of the ground from the dahlia and ended up digging it up because I thought I planted it wrong (I know bad move). So I have the tuber? and don't know if I should put it back in the ground, divide it and replant or what. Also, due to poor planning, I want to move the rest of the bulbs. I have one bulb starting to sprout, but that's the only one. Can I safely move them, will they still bloom, or should I leave them where they are for this year? Finally, the peonies seem to have a stick or brown stem poking up through the soil, is that normal?

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I think you could move them providing you do it carefully so as not to damage any roots which have formed already, do it immediately and water well.

Peony isn't a bulb but a fleshy root. It is not adapted to spend time out of the ground in a dry state as bulbs can. The 'stick' is last year's stem.

If your dahlia is a single tuber do not divide it. Multiple tubers can sometimes be divided but it sounds as if you are a beginner so, even if it looks as if it could be divided, I'd leave it alone until you are more familiar with them. You need to be able to tell which pieces could survive on their own and which won't.

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