Juniper Bonsai

bnj74December 4, 2008

I wrote to you earlyer about my Juniper Bonsai of 10 years was doing great untill we went on vacation and someone turned off the water. Some of the tree is alive and I ask you if I should cut off the dead branches and you said to wait until December. There is some new groth starting now and I was wondering if I should cut off the dead branches now or still hold off for awile.


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Wrote to you about my Juniper Bonsai that was not watered while we were on vacation and you said to wait until December to cut off any dead branches. I have some new growth coming on some of the branche. should I cut off the dead ones now or wait awhile.


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If you're 100% sure they're dead, they're dead and it won't matter. But no one's stopping you from waiting til spring - you can work on junipers even in May.

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