Shaina (bloodgood sport)

paul3636(6a Ma.)December 21, 2011

I bought this tree (2010 left over) in July 2011. It is planted in a bright area but gets no sun. I would like it to grow a couple of years in the ground before I replant it in a bonsai growing pot for training.

Has any one grown this cultivar before? Should it be moved to a spot where it would get some sun or can it be left were it is for a couple of years?

I will appreciate any other info on growing this tree because there does not seem to be much info on it in the web.

This is also posted on the maple forum.


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mike423(5 IL)

Yes, this cultivar can be used. I'm a little worried when you say its planting site gets no sun. It should be planted in a location where it will get a good partial sun exposure. Somewhere where it will get good light exposure in the morning or afternoon but is shaded during mid day when the sun is at its hottest. If it is in a spot where it does not receive adequate light it could take ten times longer for the tree to get to where you want it (as well as have weak growth and far spaced internode length) or worst case scenario it will slowly weaken and die.

There are many good online sources, you just have to look. I would say "Bonsai With Japanese Maples" by Peter Adams is the best definitive source for working with Japanese maples as far as books go. Your local library should have good Bonsai books for beginners and otherwise as well, and your local Bonsai club is always one of the top choices. If you would like some more specific Bonsai resources fee free to message me.


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paul3636(6a Ma.)

Every site just say it is a sport of bloodgood but does not give info on it's care that's why I went on line.
I have Peter's book but the care of this cultivar is not mentioned.
If I have to move it I think I'll just plant it in a grow pot unless someone tells me it will do well in the ground for 2 years.
I still would appreciate any other info on growing this tree from someone who has experience with it because there does not seem to be much info on it in the web or books.

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shaina as well as bloodgood need alot of sun to get the good red leaves,in california i grow them in full sun and they take it well

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paul3636(6a Ma.)

One of the reasons I planted it in the ground was the roots looked small and a little weak. On the maple forum it was suggested that this may be a trait of the dwarf Shaina. The top growth may out do root growth.
If this is true, and I think it is, I will plant it in a grow pot in the spring.

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