How quickly do I need to plant a Crinum?

ginjjMay 1, 2011

I got a Crinodonna at a plant exchange yesterday. The bulb is quite big which I understand is normal and does have 4 long green leaves on it and some roots. A lady divided one she had and brought several to share.

How soon do I need to plant this? I could get to it tomorrow night if need be.



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It is not dormant and should be planted as soon as practical, do not let the roots dry. Crinum is a very tough plant. Mine suffered this last winter from a colder than usual winter. I just completed repotting and separating them into separate pots. Next year I will move them into a semi protected area. These grow so fast I make the mistake of not using big enough pots, and they become root bound in just a few months. Al

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Al should I put it in a pot rather than the ground? I don't have a lot of excess garden space, especially if it ends up multiplying underground as I understand they do.

It does sound like a lovely plant when in bloom and I love pink, but if it is going to take up space both underground and above ground, with just green foliage, I would be happier with it in a pot that I could bring out when in bloom and put away when not.


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If you have the right spot, in the ground would be better. If you have any winter damage it will be to the foliage only and will quickly recover. In a container, I would suggest about a three gallon size as the minimum for a blooming Crinum. About every two years the container would require removing the offsets and replacing the soil, with some root pruning to continue in the same container. My complain with the bloom is it does not last long enough. As a pot plant, I like the Nerine for its long lasting bloom as well as multiple bloom stems in a relatively small pot. Al

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Scott Ogden recommends planting crinums 12- 18 inches deep to reduce formation of offsets.

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