Indoor Bonsai help for winter

windsheeDecember 2, 2008

Hello - I live in Western PA, and I received an 11 yr. old juniper bonsai for my birthday this year. It has been inside ever since, but I am now worried about it making it through the winter (a little late, I know!)

I'm sure that I can't place it outside now - it would be too much of a shock for it. My basement is heated. How can I ensure it's health through the winter months?

Should I place it outside when the spring rolls around to ensure this situation doesn't arise next year?

I appreciate your help!!

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Get it into a big container (like a milk crate) full of mulch with 1-2" on top. Water well just before a real freeze is predicted (unless it's already happened and the ground's frozen hard) and then not again until the soil thaws enough to be more dry than otherwise. It should be fine. It won't be fine if left inside in the heat, guaranteed.

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