Citrus Bonsai?

aesir22December 5, 2008

Hi al,

I'm usually hanging around the citrus forums but I have a bonsai question :)

I am interested in growing a bonsai citrus tree, but have no clue how to go about this! Or if it is even possible? Lol.

I have eureka lemon, meyer lemon, key lime, tangerine, grapefruit and navel orange seedlings growing. Are seedlings suitable for bonsai? I also have several established trees.

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with using citrus for bonsai, and, if it is possible, any tips on where to start?

Many thanks!


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Hello, Do you live somewhere that you can grow these tropicals outside all year round (only a few states are good) or would you have to grow them inside (most likely under supplemental lights)? Your question's about citrus trees as bonsai, but the thing is that while it's certainly done, it's not really the point. What you're really asking is how to do bonsai, and that's an enormous subject because that's what you need to learn about, the citrus part is almost incidental except as it relates to my first question. So what you need to ask yourself really, is do you want to learn how to do bonsai (a lifelong pursuit and obsession if you're anything like the rest of us) or just have a cute citrus tree? Come back here with some answers and we will try to help.

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I have been growing citrus for quite a while. I am in the UK. They do well outdoors when the cold passes but I bring them in for the winter months. I have plenty of 'cute' citrus trees, and also some relatively unattractive ones!

I like bonsai, though I don't have as much experience with it as I do with citrus, but the passion is there. I have a chinese elm which I love and is happy in my care.

Thanks for the response Lucy, I look forward to hearing from you again :)

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