What are these bulbs?

kmpetersMay 16, 2010

These things are growing in my new(er) yard and Google isn't helping me figure out what they are!

The leaves and flowers look closer to hyacinths than anything else, but the flowers aren't packed together like hyacinths, and the leaves are narrow like daffodils and even shorter. The whole thing, from bulb to flower, is about 16" I think. And as you can see, the bulbs are quite small. On top of that, they are only NOW blooming. (I pulled one up to see if they were bulbs or roots.)

Anyone know what these are?

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Wood Hyacinths maybe? but I am guessing

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forgot link

Here is a link that might be useful:

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daffodilgirl(6 EastTN)

They look like wood hyacinths to me too.

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Yes, Hyacinthoides hispanicum, aka wood hyacinths or Spanish bluebells - they are as common as dirt around here and a bear to get rid of if not what or where you want.

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