After tulips and daffs finish blooming

pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)May 11, 2011

I have heard many different opinions on how one should handle tulips and daffodils after they have finished blooming. My dear MIL used to fold down the foliage and put a rubber band around it and let it die back. I've heard of people, even landscapers folding them down and tying green garden yarn around the foliage, to make it look neater. Waiting till the foliage dies back seems like a lengthy time. I want to get mulching my beds and I started the backyard beds tonight after dinner until I ran out of mulch. There is only a few bulbs in those flowerbeds and they are Iris bulbs that have popped up over the winter that previous owner had planted years ago. About 4 yrs. ago I dug up them all up and gave them away. I remember in digging the rest of the flowerbed up last summer, I found some more Iris rhrizones and replanted them, One is blooming now, and there are a few more but no sign of blooms or even buds.

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What I've read on various sites is to let them die back naturally without tying back. The reasoning is that the more surface area of the plant that is exposed to the sun, the more food the bulb can store for the next year's blooms. Some people treat tulips as annuals, in which case you could probably go ahead and cut them down or dig them out. If not, I'd leave the leaves alone. Can you mulch around the stems until time to cut them back?

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The famous Filoli gardens in Woodside California puts in large beds of tulips inter seeded with Cynoglossum amabile, which grow to about 2 feet tall with airy blue flowers. They are very effective in concealing the tulips after the bloom. The timing in their case is just right and the tulip and cover crop are all planted at the same time. Al

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

If you tie them up or otherwise block their access to the sun you will reduce the vigor of the plant and you may not get flowers next year.

They should be unmolested. I cover mine up with various perennials.

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