Nursing Bonsais back to health

EmjeiDecember 27, 2012

I have cared for four bonsais now for nearly a year, including a Chinese Elm, Boulevard Cypress, and a flowering bonsai.

I fell ill with a serious health issue in the middle of October, and was sparsely able to water the bonsais. Thankfully it is winter so they require fewer waterings, but there were weeks in a row when I watered them little if not at all.

I am feeling much better now and am back to watering on a regular basis. However, my bonsais have obviously paid the price of neglect. All except the Boulevard have lost their leaves. The flowering bonsai especially seems brittle. However, when I clipped them all back, they still showed signs of greenness (albeit small in the flowering bonsai) so I am hopeful this means I can nurse them back to health.

I am absolutely desperate for any direction on how to do this. Two of the bonsais were anniversary gifts from my husband, and the others are also very precious. I am really upset that I didn't push myself harder to take care of them when I was ill because I know I would regret it deeply if I couldn't bring them back.

I live in Southern California. Should I bring them indoors for the winter? Keep them near a window? If fertilizer, any particular kind?

Thank you in advance for any help you're able to lend. I desperately want to nurse my trees back and care for them a lot. I'll do whatever it takes.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

There are sooo many what ifs and questions to go over ..... Would you like to have a phone conversation to see what we can figure out? I think a lot more ground can be covered by phone than here. A little back-ground - I've been working at improving my bonsai skills for about 25 years, and am the past pres of our tri-city area bonsai club.

If you think it's a good idea, contact me via my member page.


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