Elevated Garden Ideas

nooz812February 25, 2011

I would like to build an elevated (raised) garden atop a wooden, slatted patio table that is 5 ft x 3 ft. None of the raised garden kits I have seen online are the right size so I will likely be building my own. I will be planting herbs and veggies that can grow in shallow soil so I'm thinking probably 6" deep. Any advice on building this thing and what to line the bottom with so that the soil doesn't slip between the slats (1.5" slats)? Thanks.

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Hey nooz812 ,
I have used those 6 to 8 inch deep black plastic crates that bulbs are shipped in to make a table top garden.Usually line them with newspaper
The nicest thing is that it becomes modular, you can add and remove crates as needed.
Perhaps even better cover the table with sub irrigated containers like earthboxes or home made versions of them.
Best of luck .

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Weed barrier fabric will work to keep the soil in. Geo-textile fabric is really the proper item, but it's hard to find in small pieces and the weed barrier stuff is similar. Make sure you use the kind that feels like cloth and not like plastic. You could also use newspaper, several sheets thick with many small holes covered with stones. This article about vegetable gardening planters has some more information that might help.

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