creating a privacy fence with plantings

glinda919February 26, 2011

My neighbor built a 12-13 foot tall shed about 10 feet from my kitchen window. We are separated by a concrete driveway. I'm thinking of getting a couple of trough planters (and casters) to put on the driveway to block the sight of the shed. Any ideas of where to get the trough planters and what types of plantings to use? Bamboo? Trees? I'm in northern Virginia, zone 7. Thanks in advance.

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Canna lilies in half whiskey barrels. Get the ones that grow huge and fast like omega, musifolia, ect.. If you start them early, like march or April, they will be 10ft tall and 6ft wide by august. Use the 5.1.1 soil we make here in this forum. They like sun, but will tolerate some shade. filix.

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jwahlton(9B Kisimee)

I just saw this post. Where is a good place to get whiskey barrels?

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