ID a flowering Plant

wally_1936(8b)May 3, 2009

I don't have a picture of this plant in fact I don't have any plants now. When I lived down near the coast there was these clumps of what I thought was monkey grass, but then late in the summer they had blooms like a small red Amaryllis bloom woud come up on a slender stem. They were from a bulb something like a onion set about the size of your thumb. What I would like is the name so I could try to find them again to plant in my yard. It is such a nice supprise to see them come up so quickly. I didn't even know they were there in the middle of my yard which I was mowing every week.

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Nancy zone 6

Maybe Schizostylis Coccinea or sprekelia formosissima? Sprekelia is a larger bulb though.

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Nell Jean

Could it be Oxblood Lily Rhodophiala bifida?


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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Oxblood lily is probably the best guess, but another possibility is Lycoris radiata, though to most folks, the bloom is not like amaryllis other than in color (memory can be tricky, though). Another obscure possibility is Polianthes (Mexican Firecracker). If you google all these guesses and look for photos, maybe you will be able to figure this out. Good luck.

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