tulips splitting

webuser_17497May 3, 2012

in a matter of about 2 months i had a tulip come up get acouple of little leaves and bloom then for the last couple of weeks it shriveled up and died. so me and my little boy "noodle" pulled it out to check it out and were amazed to see that it split into four bulbs. there now is a large a medium and 2 small bulbs where the one used to be

the thing almost looks and feels like its roting from the bottom up. this means to much water right?

now how do i have a mixed bed if everything has different water needs

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For your tulips to rot in the ground, you must have soil that does not drain. It is quite normal for tulips to produce splits. In your climate, and mine, it is better to treat tulips as an annual, and buy new bulbs when we want tulips. We will also need to chill them for at least 6 weeks before planting if we expect a normal bloom. Al

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