Canna Australia question

miclino(5)May 27, 2012

Cross posted in Canna forum but it seems quiet there so I an posting this here too.

Planted some canna australia bulbs purchased from Brenand Becky's with over a foot of foliage. It is in full sun, well drained with hot afternoon sun. I grew regular cannas in that location last year.

After two weeks, the leaves look like they are greening a little bit. In addition, some of the smaller outer leaves have shrivelled and dried up. The rest of the foliage however is erect and not droopy. I was watering daily initially but have eased off due to concern of overwatering. Now its every third day although they sprinklers hit it 3 times a week as well. The soil was layered with compost before planting.

By miclino at 2012-05-27

By miclino at 2012-05-27

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The damage on the lower leaves is just transplant shock (for lack of a better term) -- probably actually sun and wind burn. My potted cannas always grow a little in the basement or garage before I put them outside for the season, and the first leaves usualy fry. No problem, they are such rampant growers they recover very quickly.

The loss of deep pigmentation you describe could just be the foliage maturing and getting more chlorophyll and spreading out the other pigments over a bigger surface area as it expands to full size. Or, perhaps it needs some more fertilizer and they're getting pale -- a shot of miracle gro or similar couldn't hurt.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I agree, it is sunburn/shock from being planted out from greenhouse and boxed.

My own look the same after bringing out of the greenhouse and dividing them and putting them into full sun right away.

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Thanks, that helps.

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Twenty years ago a friend sent me some seeds from her garden she said were Canna species. I have been growing them ever since. They produce a great quantity of seed, and the plant seems free of any pests or disease. If it has a variety designation, I would like to know it. Al

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